A.S.P.D.A.M. #1

Posted: May 7, 2014 in A.S.P.D.A.M.

There has been a massive amount of stuff said about my case swirling around the Interwebz… A large part of it is randomly made up stuff and some of it gets back to me because my friends ask me about it… so this will be the first post in the A.S.P.D.A.M. (Answering Stuff People Didn’t Ask Me) series of posts… 🙂

Mike Edge on xenforo.com:

according to the article, shawn already plead guilty and is out on 700k bail and sentencing hearing is set for mid Aug.

I just read that article and it doesn’t say anything about a 700k bail. Either way… if it *does* say that somewhere, it’s false.

The day I was arraigned (7/22/2010), I was released on a $100k bond secured by my own recognizance. This means I didn’t pay anything, and if I missed a court date, they could come try to collect $100k from me.

  1. GTB says:

    You will get people jumping on the moral bandwagon Shawn. It’s times like now when you find out who your real friends are on the web, and those who are two faced.

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