A.S.P.D.A.M. #2

Posted: May 8, 2014 in A.S.P.D.A.M.

A.S.P.D.A.M. (Answering Stuff People Didn’t Ask Me)

Will_Watts on theadminzone.com:

Considering he’s lied already, and failed to mention his so-called “grey area” (read: illegal) techniques, I’m not sure why you’re quoting him.

It’s entirely up to you whether you’re willing to accept that he’s done something legally and morally wrong.

Do you think it’s okay for someone who’s committed fraud to go free just because they’ve paid it back?

I don’t think anyone of authority has even *claimed* I lied about anything. I’ve actually been nothing but honest and forthcoming about the entire thing (which is more than I can say about others involved in the case on the other side of the fence).

For example, the eBay employee who knew more about the situation than anyone else most definitely “forgot” to mention all sorts of relevant information when she was interviewed by the original prosecutor on the case.

The prosecutor thought it was important enough that when it all came to light after he interviewed me, they made her fly from the UK to California *again* to “reinterview” her on short notice.

At my sentencing hearing, the judge reiterated the fact that the government was satisfied that the information I provided was “complete and truthful”.

As far as what “I did”… I’m guilty of one count of wire fraud. One user was forced to click one ad, and that user was outside of California (therefore using a wire that crossed state lines… the Internet), with the total monetary gain of that action being $0. I didn’t pay back the $28M that eBay paid me (nor did the US government seize any assets) for being an affiliate if that’s what you are thinking/hoping because that money wasn’t “ill-begotten”. Me being paid $28M as an affiliate and me pleading guilty to a single count of wire fraud (which involved 1 person and 1 ad) are only related because people make (incorrect) assumptions about things.

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